The finest job in the world

Altjóða sosialpedagogiskur dagur er 2. oktober 2019, her er skriv frá forsetanum í AIEJI, altjóða felagssapurin fyri Sosial pedagogar.

Dear AIEJI members

Very soon, we’ll once again celebrate a very special day: The international day of social educators. This is the day we devote to celebrating our profession – that we have the competences to support humans in need, that we know what this support means for humans and society and that we’re proud of what we’re doing and what we can achieve!

Facebook frame
For the celebration of social educators day, a new Facebook frame has been developed. The idea is that you put the frame on your Facebook profile picture to celebrate the profession. The frame is ready for use and can be found in the AIEJI Facebook group.

The name of the frame is ‘Aieji – The finest job in the world’. If guidance is needed, this guide can be helpful.

Graphic banner
Also, this year we have developed a graphic banner design which can be used as part of the celebration. Download the banner here (pdf).

We wish you all a very happy social educators day! May this day be in many minds all over the world remembering the very crucial job social educators are doing with many different target groups.

Kindly regards,
Benny Andersen, President of AIEJI